ServedUp is available in both lite and premium versions. Although features are limited in the lite version, we believe it will give you a good insight to our app and what you can achieve with it. For more information on the different versions, please visit the individual listings on the Google Play Store.

No calories, no diet

Rather than counting calories, you can now count your serves for each of the 5 main food groups – Vegetables, Fruit, Grains, Meat and Dairy.

Fast and easy

It is extremely fast and easy to add food and drink to your food diary with just a few clicks. There is also the ability to edit or delete any entry from your diary.

Food Database

Our simplified food and drink database aims to provide one variety of each food – removing the need to choose between 10 different apples!

Food Diary

Maintaining a food journal can be beneficial when seeking independent professional advice, as well as giving you a clear overview of your current nutrition intake.

Personalised Goals

ServedUp provides the recommended serves for individuals which are tailored to you as a result of your age, gender and if you are a new mum or soon to be.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

ServedUp has been designed to allow the general Australian population easy and convenient access to the Australian Dietary Guidelines


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